Monday, March 27, 2017

Recipes Pempek Palembang Only 5 Steps

Pempek already attached to Palembang and can not be separated. You have not officially visit Palembang city that has not tasted pempek of land Bumi Sriwijaya. Snacks made from fish and tapioca flour is sold by large restaurant until pitchman at a price of course is different, until online any, famous delicious delicious said pempek candy, perfect results dough empek empek and sauce vinegar / cuko necessarily be decisive wong Kito cuisine is, yes dipping sauce for pizza named Cuko that makes pempek be special and different from the processed fish lainnya.Cuko or sauce for pizza made of cayenne pepper, dried shrimp ebi, & garlic mashed. All cuko sauce ingredients boiled together with water, brown sugar also tamarind, so in the recipe pempek palembang juna. Cuko then simmer until the unpleasant taste or stinging spicy cayenne pepper is missing or reduced. Cuko has a flavor that mixed; spicy chili, sweet sticky from sugar, sour from tamarind fruit (tamarind), salty and savory ebi and Garlicky of garlic, all fused into cuko sauces that taste alluring. there are some models of typical palembang empek empek; submarines, circumstances, curly, some even without the fish is pempek dos. whether to prepare this dish is the same basic ingredients as possible ?, if yes, but it's definitely different shapes, let's look at 5 easy steps our recipe.

Palembang empek empek source material:
50 grams of wheat flour
2 tablespoons salt
3 tablespoons cooking oil
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 teaspoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon flavoring, (if you like)
400 ml water

Mixing ingredients for pizza recipe Palembang:
1 kg of meat mackerel / cork milled put it in the freezer.
1 kg of corn starch / exchanged starch / tapioca good quality

How to make the culprit:
~ Combine flour, salt, water, sand gulag, garlic and seasonings.
~ Cook over low heat while stirring until thick. Lift and imbuhkan cooking oil.
~ Stir, then let cool. Put in a refrigerator (do not be in the freezer)

How to make a basic dough Pempek Palembang:

~ Remove the fish meat that has been frozen, let thaw, Remove the dough from the refrigerator culprit.
~ Mix 2 mackerel fish flesh side with one side of the dough starter, Add starch needed a little bit.
~ Stir with fingertips until well blended.
~ Use plastic beroles cooking oil to make the dough.
~ If the combination is too hard, add a little longer so supple dough starter.

Pempek basic dough recipe from Palembang ready to be used as needed.

How to cook / make Pempek Palembang:

There are ways to cook pempek (depending on type pempek who created)

Bring to a boil a pot of water with 2 tablespoons of cooking oil (to avoid sticky pempek)
Masukanlah pempek dough that has been made. Let up to float, remove from heat and drain. Chill and serve

Processed in a way the result will definitely tasty savory, not contrived submarine, lenjer, circumstances or pempek pistel could, just follow the method of processing / cooking each of these models, although juna has not had time to create a guide .. Recipe Pempek Palembang Only 5 Steps have been completed.

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