Sunday, March 26, 2017



White know: just 5 pieces
Baking powder: ± ¼ teaspoon
Tapioca flour: taste (about 50 grams)
Garlic: about 3 medium-size cloves
Bouillon powder / flavor: the mother could use Royco pressed about 1 teaspoon or to taste
Fine salt: about ½ or to taste
Cooking oil: Use 2 liter
After all materials collected and complete, set up the equipment as well as plastic containers and ulegan to smooth out.

Full instructions on how to make tofu round savory

The first step took considerable amount of plastic containers and fill out white, then puree with ulegan or can be kneaded knead with your fingers. Be sure to know the mother white smooth and there are no lumps.
The next step enter all ingredients except flour tapioca marinade, and stir until evenly true.
Now add the tapioca flour into the mixture while stirring mix until dough can be formed out round later.
Then create a sphere of ping pong balls.
The final step fry until cooked
Serve while still warm

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